Voting in council elections

While voting in council elections are not compulsory, your vote can make a huge difference.

In council elections, your vote can determine who represents you in your council area. They are responsible not only for the services they must provide (such as waste collection, footpaths, and park management) but also services that their community wants. These include:

  • Sporting ovals, courts, and facilities
  • Public swimming pools
  • Local halls
  • Community art facilities
  • Coastal care
  • Recycling
  • Local business directories
  • Local tourism
  • Aged care support
  • Crime prevention.
Did you know? You must be enrolled on your council's voters roll to be able to vote. Enrolment for the 2022 council elections has closed. You can check your enrolment details by contacting the council you enrolled with or Electoral Commission SA (ECSA) on 1300 655 232.

By voting, you have a say in influencing who represents you and your community’s needs the best.

Imagine two different nominees:

Mary is a social worker. She supports local recycling programs and community gardens. She has two dogs and three young children, and regularly takes them to the park. She wants to have more green spaces in the area she lives in.

Max is an architect. He wants to see exciting new buildings and international businesses in his council area. He has no kids and enjoys dining out with his partner. He wants to see a city that supports business growth.

Do you align more closely with one candidate than the other? It is likely that these candidates will vote differently on different issues. Their decisions impact the future of your council area.

If you want to shape the future of your council area, voting is an important step to take.

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